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Triumph has revolutionized the Indian skating field since the last 3 decades in the fields of

INFRASTRUCTURE: Constructing India’s 1st 200 meter banked track at DPS School Ahmedabad to train the skaters to be world class athletes. India now has over 25 banked tracks only second to Columbia in the world.

TRAINING: CMD Sanjay Rana (himself a National Champion for over 10 years and an International Athlete) has trained over 100 National gold medallists through our non-profit organization National Skating School. Through the years many of these athletes have also trained many world class skaters.

COMPETING: Triumph’s brand Warrior has been conducting All India Championships to bring out the best talent in the country. This is the only other National level event conducted in the country apart from the official Roller Skating Federation of India Nationals.

GEARING UP: Without the best equipment one cannot become a world class athlete. During the era of snail mail Sanjay Rana made strategic alliances with various companies across the world and over the years has become the leaders in supplying high quality Roller Skate products. The company has sole selling rights for many of the top world’s brands such as Hyper Wheels, Warrior Wheels, Cyclone Bearings, BSB bearings, Schankel inline Skates, MPC Racing, Matter Racing, Cougar and Powerslide.

Apparel: India’s 1st company to start manufacturing Customized sublimated skin suits by importing the entire setup and technology from the USA. Triumph is now one of India’s leading sportswear brand catering to over 15+ sports categories and servicing over 10,000 clubs across the world. The company has offices in USA and Spain with world manufacturing headquarters in Ahmedabad India.

Polyurethane wheels: The heart of speed skating is its wheels. With the inception of India’s 1st roller skate wheel manufacturing plant in 2016 Triumph now manufactures some of the worlds most advanced formulations for all the forms of skating – recreation, speed, Inline, Quad, Skateboards OEM, ODM and Private label manufacturing for some of the worlds leading companies.

Mission Statement:

We at TRIUMPH live and breathe Skating. We push the sport forward, we research, analyze, test, attack, punish, create and reinvent the sport of skating relentlessly. This is only perpetuated through nonstop pure commitment, drive, endurance, and demand for excellence. The passion for skating, the drive to produce and deliver the world's best skating equipment is what makes the difference. The focus and the unending desire of everyone on the team to go without question, the support, interaction, and network of ideas of everyone on the team will never be forgotten. TRIUMPH is your sole partner in your road to success, designed for only one reason - To help you WIN - Because at Triumph Winning is a way of life !


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