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Quad Skate Wheels

Product Description

Warrior spartan – named behind the great warriors of sparta where a small group of 300 spartans fought against a million men of king zeus, this is the flagship product for warrior wheels designed by the top speed skaters of the world. These wheels were tested for almost a year for its chemistry, roll, rebound and high end speed. After all the rigorous exercise came out the strongest and fastest wheel for outdoor and slippery floors the world has ever witnessed. The chemistry of these wheels has been designed in 3 different hardness to enable you to pick up the wheel required for your use. This wheel comes with high end huge insert of 66mm made with the purest form of nylon to increase the overall speed. Since its launch in april 2009 it has won more medals than any other outdoor wheels taking the competition by surprise.if you are a true lover of this legendary speed wheel you can also pick up a warrior spartan skin suit specifically dedicated and designed for this wheel.

  • Hub: Composite 12 Spoke Plastic
  • Size: 66mm X 35mm
  • Hardness: 85A,
  • Category: Road Racing
  • Urethane: Sonic Boom High grade Urethane
  • Speed – 9
  • Grip – 8
  • Durability – 9

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